The Association of Members of
IBM UK Pension Plans (AMIPP)

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 On the Turner Report

 February 2005 AMIPP letter to MPs

 MP Opinion - Your Action Requested  23 November 2004

Letter to MPs  19 November 2004

July 2004.  Some debate in the Lords

Feb 12 2004. For those who want more detail on the Pensions Bill than newspapers provide, here are some links:

- The full text.

- Explanatory Notes

- A Q&A about the Pensions Protection Fund.

- A Q&A about the Pensions Regulator.

- A Q&A about taking the State Pension later.

A visit to the Pensions Minister  11/11/2003

A typical response from the Department of Work and Pensions.    3rd Nov 2003

Government response to the House of Commons Select Committee on Work and Pensions.  Jul 2003

This response shows the Government batting away the softball questions the Committee (with its Labour majority) posed.  Paragraphs 63-65 fit with the tone - having spent what most people consider more years than necessary in bringing forward proposals, the Government now proposes denying MPs time to scrutinise new legislation on the grounds that the need for action is urgent!

Letter to MPs - In the light of "Action on Occupational Pensions".  1 July 2003

"Action on Occupational Pensions" - the latest from the government. June 2003

How to access your MP Jan 2003

A letter AMIPP has sent to some MPs.  Jan 2003

While the complaints about IBM are with the Pensions Ombudsman it is not appropriate for MPs to comment on their detail.  Here is a typical reply on those lines.   Some have taken an interest in the IBM affair at a general level and in the administration of the complaints.  See the letter from Sandra Gidley and the View from Westminster

At a level which covers all occupational schemes, not just IBM's, many MPs have an interest.  We know of three activities - the activity centred on Steve Webb, another all-party group chaired by John Butterfill MP and the efforts of Frank Field MP.  These MPs aim to influence the development of policy via select committees and government contacts.

The actual proposal of new pensions regulations is part of the work of the Department of Work and Pensions.   The DWP does this with consultation on potential regulations at all the stages before they are presented to the Commons.

Current (April 2002) consultations are consolidated into the Pickering Review. see newsletter 9  AMIPP has made a written submission to that review.