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Newsletter 10 - 17 March 2002
Report on Hursley Retirees Club AGM 2002
Complaints Summary

Up to a billion dollars of funds are being transferred out of the C-plan reserves. This will not improve the benefits of IBM pension plan members. However, it will improve the balance sheets of IBM US.
(Note: To date 42.7M have already been transferred)

Not legal?
IBM would never do that?
Is IBM UK's policy on pensions in payment the worst of all companies surveyed?

To find the answers read on....

Then judge for yourself - do you still have trust and confidence that IBM aims to compete favourably with the practice of other leading companies on pensions, as you were told it would before you retired?

The IBM C-Planners' Group was formed to address concerns on how IBM is managing the pensions of IBM employees in the UK.

We provide this web site as a comprehensive source of information, for those who wish to know more.

IBM has used the surplus derived from the C-Plan(*) to fund the M-Plan instead of using it to benefit those members, who in past years have contributed a proportion of their own salary to this fund.

* Note: Throughout this site we are using the term 'C-Plan' to refer to all the defined benefit pension plans currently and formerly provided by IBM (for example, N,E,A,B,Q & T Plans).

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The Position

IBM claims that the C-Plan and the M-Plan are a single fund with two sections. We believe because the two plans:

  1. serve different sets of members
  2. the contributions are different
  3. the benefits are different
  4. they operate under a different set of rules
  5. they have different expenses

that they should be considered to be separate funds.

IBM has used the surplus from the C-Plan to fund the M-Plan instead of using it to benefit those members, who in past years contributed a proportion of their own salary.

IBM has not informed members regarding its intentions. For example, the Trust Deed governing the C-Plan was amended on 24th February 2000 without the knowledge of C-Plan members.

See The Situation for more detail.

Our Objectives

  1. Stop the C-Plan surplus being used to fund other pension funds/sections.
  2. Ensure surplus is used for the benefit of the members who contributed and not the company or others.
  3. Ensure any surplus is used for regular annual increases to pension instead of paternalistic and irregular "at trustees' discretion" increases.
  4. A retrospective payment to pensioners to bring past increases up to a level equivalent to an annual RPI increase over the affected period.

See Aims and Strategy for more detail.

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