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Notes about this site.

Whilst every effort has been made to ensure that the statements on this web site are correct, the Webmaster cannot guarantee this. Readers should verify the accuracy of statements by independent means. Please send any corrections to the Webmaster. Also please inform the Webmaster immediately if you believe that any copyright has been infringed.

All major pages have a heading and the same column of links on the left. Navigation amongst these can be done directly on those links.    Other pages do not have the left column.   They are linked to from the content of some page and are left on the 'back' mechanism.  They also have a Home link.

From time to time new documents will be added to this site.  There will be links to a new document  initially in three places - the home page, the latest news page (which actually has links to all first level docs in latest first order), and the docs page (which is grouped by topic).   Once the new documents have been mentioned in a newsletter, the yellow 'New' marker next to these links will be removed and the link will be removed from the home page. 

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To a degree, the source of documents in this website (as opposed to ones reached by linking outside of the website) will be indicated.  The documents with no obvious source will be those that are on the message board and anonymous.   Documents which are the work of an individual will be attributed.   Documents which are not attributed have been peer reviewed within AMIPP and may be collaborative.

All pages on the website are liable to become less relevant, and less correct, with the passage of time.  It is not practical to continuously update all the pages, and to do so would lose historical value. 

There will inevitably be some wrong information, missing links, and other flaws on the website.  Please tell the Webmaster if you encounter anything, unless it is just obsolete information in the archive section.

Some documents were entered using Optical Character Recognition of printed paper.  This can introduce differences from the original.  Please tell the Webmaster if think you have spotted a significant flaw.

About terminology.   We tend to use the term "retirees" rather than "pensioners" for people who have occupational pensions, to distinguish them from state pensioners.  The "complainants" are people who have complained, usually referring only to those that wound up making the example complaints to the Ombudsman.  IBM UK and the IBM UK Pensions Trust are different companies and we use the term "respondents" to cover both.

 Throughout this site we are using the term 'C-Plan' to refer to all the defined benefit pension plans currently and formerly provided by IBM (for example, N,E,A,B,Q & T Plans).  The terms 'defined benefit' and 'final salary' mean the same here. The M-Plan is a 'money purchase' plan, synonymous with 'defined contribution'.