The Association of Members of
IBM UK Pension Plans (AMIPP)

This page updated 22/06/06

How to Help

There is now a way to help with the running costs of this website.

We see no reasons for special fund raising or for demonstration-in-the-street type activism.  We would ask that:

You stay informed.  Please register for newsletter notification so that we know you exist.  You can use the message board to tell us your views, or tell the webmaster what you think.  Please tell your IBM friends of all categories about the website; they might not be aware of it.  If you have non-IBM retired friends you might find out about their experiences - we are hoping to build a fuller picture comparing how different companies treat their members.

Perhaps you might want your MP to know how you feel.   There is value to this even if you are cynical about what the MP can do.  Parliament operates on the aggregation of MP's with a common interest - the numbers count.  You can multiply the benefit of writing by telling the webmaster, and allowing us to quote you.  Writing at any time is useful; the newsletters may suggest particular times and subjects with the aim of getting a quorum of MPs to think about the same thing at the same time.

You may feel that you have specialist knowledge, or just wisdom, that would help to improve AMIPP's activities. If it is not the sort of thing that the message board could disseminate, please volunteer to help.

You may feel you have a complaint that the Ombudsman should address.  You will need to go through the Internal Dispute Resolution process with IBM and you can get advice from OPAS at the same time.  You will find on this website the advice from the time when dozens went through the process.  The complaints section describes the process.     .