The Association of Members of
IBM UK Pension Plans (AMIPP)

There is a way to make donations in support of AMIPP (page updated 07 January 2014) 


The objective of the association is to further the interests of its members, which can include active, deferred and retired members of IBM UK's pension schemes.   Within this objective the aims include:

- Playing the fullest part possible in restoring the membersí trust and confidence in the intentions of IBM UK and the Trust board.

- Providing members with timely information on a broad range of topics relevant to their pension prospects, such as activities by IBM, the Pensions Trust and the Pensions Ombudsman, comparisons with other companies and trusts, the regulations and proposed regulations in the UK and elsewhere, and media articles.

- Providing members with mechanisms, and information about procedures, so that they can comment and become involved.  Examples are message boards, what MPs can do, the election of trustees, and how government agencies such as the Ombudsmanís Office operate.

- Carrying the views of involved members to wider forums.  Examples are the national associations formed for the benefit of consumers of occupational pensions, government reviews, and the media.

For a Feb 2004 statement of policy see a message from AMIPP.

You may make contact using a Private Message, PM, to AMIPP Forum admin1.

                    There is an answer in FAQ 33 about how AMIPP is funded